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Hoppers Sri Lankan Restaurant Review

Hoppers is a sri lankan place in Soho with a great atmosphere and marvellous food. It is a no reservation restaurant, which means that if you want to eat there, you will have to queue. However, what we would suggest you doing is either to go in a day during the week around 18.00 – 18.30 when the chances to be sitted straight away are many, or, if you are willing to wait, do it in a way so that you won’t actually queue; go there put your name down & then go for a drink in a place nearby until your table is ready.

We had the mutton rolls, hoppers and dosas accompanied by lamp and black pork karis as well as a couple of pol roti made from coconut sambol as a side. Hoppers are formed into edible bowls filled with toppings of your choice whereas dosas are kind of pancakes made from fermented batter and its main ingredients are rice and black gram.

Amazing experience, we will definitely visit again.