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Flesh & Buns Restaurant Review

All about DIY filled steam buns.
From the ‘small dishes’ menu, we ordered the salmon avocado roll as well as the korean fried wings.
From the ‘flesh & buns’ menu, we ordered the salmon teriyaki & crispy duck leg.

I loved the idea of having to make my own bun! Not to mention about their interesting desserts..A great japanese restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden that you should definitely visit 🙂

On the bab Review

On the Bab is a Korean street food reastaurant and takeaway. A casual place where you can have traditional korean meals. The bab twigim were deliciously cute. We definately recommend trying them.


We also got the bibimbam (trying to find the best one in London) & bulgogi beef on the rice; it was quite spicy. The bibimbam was actually really good and it is definately a good choice.  Also we tried spicy pork on the bans which were really tasty. However, personally speaking, i would prefer them with beef.