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Flesh & Buns Restaurant Review

All about DIY filled steam buns.
From the ‘small dishes’ menu, we ordered the salmon avocado roll as well as the korean fried wings.
From the ‘flesh & buns’ menu, we ordered the salmon teriyaki & crispy duck leg.

I loved the idea of having to make my own bun! Not to mention about their interesting desserts..A great japanese restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden that you should definitely visit 🙂

Zen Mondo Review

A casual place for tasting modern Japanese cuisine. As a starter we had the miso of the day as well as the pork & ginger one; quite standard tastes. We also shared the Zen selection of sushi, the pork gyoza and the sake one. Sake gyoza is salmon based and was served with 4 choices of Sauce. An intersting dish in terms of serving; quite a basic taste though. We loved the Sushi selection.

Koya Japanese Restaurant Soho

If you are lucky and don’t find a long queue (avoid Friday and Saturday night) one of the most interesting spots to dine in Soho is Koya, a traditional japanese restaurant with classic udon dishes. We had hot udon with hot niku broth as well as cold udon with hot tori broth. We liked more the cold udon while both broths had a very interesting taste. We also had ten mori (2 prawns and vegetable tempura) which was nice and light as a proper tempura should be.