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Trattoria Italian Restaurant Review

Trattoria is the place you should choose when you want to go to a local, cosy place with great atmoshpere and good italian food.
It is recommended especially for breakfast outside when the weather is good or dinner inside where can be very atmospheric under the light of the candles. We have had a selection of dishes at this place as we have visited it quite a few times so far.
Pizza had always been the best choice.

Polpo Italian Restaurant Review

Polpo is one of the most successful culinary stories in London. Since it first opened in Soho, this venetian style restaurant has been a bit hit. I remember meeting the owner several years ago, a british man that lived in Venice for a long time and decided that it was about time that London started to appreciate the Italian tapas experience that Venice residents and savvy tourists have the pleasure to enjoy everyday in the little streets of Venice. Now it has several branches but so far it seeems that the quality of the food remains the same as the original.

Pizza Pilgrims Review

Soho in Dean street - All started in a 3 wheeled pizza oven van at festival after a trip in Italy to discover the best ingredient. Then, Pizza Pilgrims moved to a stable venue in Dean street in Soho.

One of the few places in London where the quality of the pizza matches the real Italian thing, but only when made with love. The rush and the speed at which customers go in and out are a risk and in some of the occasions we visited this place our pizza was a bit burnt. The most classical of the mistakes that can happen even in Naples..

Website: http://pizzapilgrims.co.uk/

Macellaio Italian Restaurant Review

Probably one the best Italian food spots in London, the menu is based on only two basic ingredients: Fassona Beef and Tuna from Sicily (the only Tuna in the world with warm blood). These two king meats are prepared as raw, tagliata or steaks. In addition the chef is also swapping the typical sides between the beef and the tuna. Things like the battuta di fassona with gorgonzola is outstanding, other highlights are battuta di fassona with gorgonzola, raw tuna with salt and olive oil, paccheri with tuna ragu', tagliata di fassona nuda, straccetti di tonno and the huge steaks.

Prices are quite low considering the outstanding quality of the ingredients

Website: http://www.macellaiorc.com/ourmenu.html