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Big Easy Restaurant Review

We went to Big Easy in King’s Road on a Wednesday night; authentic american style, great vibes. Reading most of the reviews in the internet, we were sure that we had to try the crab. Loving the lobsters though, we also ordered the lobster festival. Both were good and tasted really fresh, the lobster though was unexpectedly delicious. We would definitely recommend trying it!

Blues Kitchen Camden Review

We went for dinner to The Blues Kitchen in Camden and had the deluxe bbq blow out. It was a bbq mix of pit smoked bbq chicken, texan pulled pork, 16h slow smoked short beef ribs & burnt end brisket beef. It was served with fries & ‘slaw. It was all right, difficult to digest it though..

Tip: This place is popular for hosting a great variety of live shows. Check the program online and enjoy the live show after having dinner there 😉