Yum, Yum! Restaurant Review

Yum Yum is located in Stoke Newington and recently became one of our favorite places regarding thai! As a starter we had crab spring rolls & grilled prawns marinated in thai herbs and served with a peanut sauce; both were very tasty. As for the main courses we ordered thai curries – chicken green curry, beef baneng curry and lamb mussaman curry! The way the food is served along with the ambiance and the taste itself make Yum Yum a place I would like to visit again! Definitely recommended!

Bistroteque Restaurant Review

Bistroteque is such a unique place. As we arrived a bit earlier than the time we had made our reservation for, we found the chance to enjoy one of their special cocktails at their bar. The food is an experience itself. The menu changes frequently and all dishes always seem to be quite particular. Our highlights were the steak tartar as well as the lamb!

Interesting flavors!Very cool atmosphere!

Ember Yard Restaurant Review

All Ember Yard dishes are inspired from the Spanish and Italian cuisines. It’s a nice environment, quite dark though, therefore recommended mainly for the winter. We went there on a Saturday night and although we hadn’t make any reservation, we found a table; quite lucky, we would say, as it looked busy. We had a bottle of good red wine as well as a variety of tapas such as the grilled ibérico presa, the pork ribs, the lamb gigot and the courgette flowers. Everything was a unique palette experience.

The Greek Larder Restaurant Review

We visited the Greek Larder on a week day; a quite cosy & friendly environment.
On a week day there are mainly two menus to choose from. Both the all day & the worker’s lunch menu offer interesting options of greek dishes. We decided to go for the roast lamb from the ‘all day’ menu along with the most of the meze & side dishes.
All dishes were tasty, however, we found it very pricey for the portions served.
We would recommend you trying it, however, if you don’t want to pay a fortune,
go for the worker’s lunch offer (two meze & a side dish = £ 12.50).

Big Easy Restaurant Review

We went to Big Easy in King’s Road on a Wednesday night; authentic american style, great vibes. Reading most of the reviews in the internet, we were sure that we had to try the crab. Loving the lobsters though, we also ordered the lobster festival. Both were good and tasted really fresh, the lobster though was unexpectedly delicious. We would definitely recommend trying it!

The Elk in the Woods Gastropub Review

The Elk in the woods is a cosy in Islington which offers british & european tastes with an emphasis on the Scandinavian. We head there for a brunch after a walk in the Camden Passage, one of the cuttest small streets of Islington; full of small restaurants, pubs and shops. We got the vegeterian breakfast option along with the vanilla pancakes with blueberries, smoked bacon and maple syrup; quite interesting.

London trends & food judged with fine Mediterranean taste