Polpo Italian Restaurant Review

Polpo is one of the most successful culinary stories in London. Since it first opened in Soho, this venetian style restaurant has been a bit hit. I remember meeting the owner several years ago, a british man that lived in Venice for a long time and decided that it was about time that London started to appreciate the Italian tapas experience that Venice residents and savvy tourists have the pleasure to enjoy everyday in the little streets of Venice. Now it has several branches but so far it seeems that the quality of the food remains the same as the original.

Beef & Brew Restaurant Review

Beef and Brew is a place in Kentish Town where you can enjoy a pint of beer - 
although they have a very small variety - and what else ....beef...
They do just two cuts of steak: hanger and flat iron. 
Our flat iron was a bit chewy and not hot enough. 
The chips were good. The atmosphere is getting ruined from the noise created by the 
combination of all voices. 

London trends & food judged with fine Mediterranean taste