Mazi Greek Restaurant Review

Mazi is a greek restaurant in Notting Hill offering innovative food based on traditional greek recipes. It is a great choice for both lunch (especially in the sunny garden) and dinner.  The jars are a great choice for starters; we had the grilled aubergine and the spicy tiropita; both were very tasty. There is a variety of hot plates and signature dishes which you can get inspired from. We would definately recommend though the feta tempura with lemon marmelade and caper meringue as well as the courgette cakes.

Moo Argentinian Bricklane Restaurant Review

Moo is an argentinian restaurant where you can enjoy good quality steaks, street-food classics like lomitos (argentinial gourmet warm sandwitches) and empanadas (stuffed pastries). The first moo was by…in Schoreditch; a real authentic experience, that even for Argentinians themselves used to be a must – very friendly & cosy. If it was for that, we would give it an 8 when it comes to atmosphere. However, moo is now located in 3 other areas around  London and it has turned to be more like a chain having lowered the standards of originality.

Beijing Dumplings Restaurant Review

Beijing Dumpling is a chinese restaurant in Chinatown. As the name suggests, they specialise in dumplings…  We went for a full selection and we had the seafood dumplings, the pan fried dumplings with pork as well as the crab meat and pork dumplings and the pork and vegetable dumplings in soup.
All dumplings were very tasty, the atmosphere is nice and the prices are very reasonable. We liked the fact that you could actually see the chefs making the dumplings behind the front window. Obviously chinese dumplings go very well with the local beer: Tsingtao.

Trangallan Spanish Restaurant Review

Trangallan is an atmospheric spanish tapas bar located in Newington Green. In both occasions we visited the food was fantastic. We had, as a starter, the vesuvio tomato, strawberry & basil salad and the lomo iberico. As for the main, we ordered the beef tenderloin, which was really well cooked, and the iberian pluma pork. Not only the food is marvellous at Trangallan but also the atmosphere is amazing.

Escocesa Spanish Tapas Restaurant Review

Escocesa is one of our favourite Spanish tapas, located in Church Street in Stoke Newington. We would suggest you to sit at the bar; the experience is unique having the chef cooking in front of you, behind the bar. We have loved every dish we have tasted so far. You should definitely try the razor clams and the clams with jamon and pumpkin. Very good value for money as well as atmopshere.

Flat Iron Restaurant Review

Flat Iron is a no reservation restaurant; first comes, first served. They only sell one main dish which is a very well cooked steak.
You can accompany your steak with a side and a sauce; we had the roast aubergine, which was delicious, and the dripping cooked chips.  If you do love steak and the steak is really well cooked, there is no need of any sauce even though their selection is pretty tempting. The atmosphere, although good, you are sitting very close to others sometimes sharing the same table.

Hoppers Sri Lankan Restaurant Review

Hoppers is a sri lankan place in Soho with a great atmosphere and marvellous food. It is a no reservation restaurant, which means that if you want to eat there, you will have to queue. However, what we would suggest you doing is either to go in a day during the week around 18.00 – 18.30 when the chances to be sitted straight away are many, or, if you are willing to wait, do it in a way so that you won’t actually queue; go there put your name down & then go for a drink in a place nearby until your table is ready.

We had the mutton rolls, hoppers and dosas accompanied by lamp and black pork karis as well as a couple of pol roti made from coconut sambol as a side. Hoppers are formed into edible bowls filled with toppings of your choice whereas dosas are kind of pancakes made from fermented batter and its main ingredients are rice and black gram.

Amazing experience, we will definitely visit again.

Trattoria Italian Restaurant Review

Trattoria is the place you should choose when you want to go to a local, cosy place with great atmoshpere and good italian food.
It is recommended especially for breakfast outside when the weather is good or dinner inside where can be very atmospheric under the light of the candles. We have had a selection of dishes at this place as we have visited it quite a few times so far.
Pizza had always been the best choice.

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